State Criminal Defense

State courts are the venue for most criminal matters in Tennessee. William B. Bullock has over thirty-seven years of experience defending clients facing every kind of crime in state courts. Mr. Bullock has handled every type of case, from DUIs to homicides. He has tried multiple murder cases and felony jury trials in state court. During his tenure on the Capital Defense Team in Memphis, TN, Mr. Bullock defended a capital murder case—and his handling of the case resulted in an acquittal for his client. Subsequently, Mr. Bullock obtained not guilty jury verdicts in West, Middle and East Tennessee.

Mr. Bullock understands the effect criminal charges can have on your life. His goal will always be to get the best result possible for you. He may do this through a variety of means, including negotiating with the prosecution, filing motions with the court, or taking your case to a jury trial. At all stages throughout your case, Mr. Bullock will be there to explain your case and your options and to make sure you understand the judicial process.

If you are charged with a state crime, contact the Law Offices of William B. Bullock for a free consultation. Mr. Bullock’s decades of experience will enable him to provide you with the expertise to defend your case to the fullest.

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