Child Death Cases

Along with his work in state and federal criminal defense, William B. Bullock has created a reputation for his successful handling of child death cases, especially shaken baby syndrome cases.

Child death cases can be aggressively pursued by the prosecution because of the emotional and inflammatory nature of these deaths. However, Mr. Bullock has defended many cases where the child death was not the result of intentional abuse, but instead a tragic accident or undiagnosed medical problem. Mr. Bullock has been able to prove through overlooked evidence and medical expert testimony that clients charged with child death were innocent.

In State v. Houser, Andy Houser had been facing murder charges for two years following the death of his child. A medical examiner had concluded that the child’s death was the result of blunt force trauma. However, thanks in part to Mr. Bullock’s representation and the expert hired by the defense team, a new medical examiner concluded that the previous medical examiner had been mistaken. The child’s death was actually caused by an undiagnosed medical condition. All charges against Mr. Houser were dismissed.

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